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Mobile Advertising

In the last 10 years we observed interesting trend in the advertising fields, the Internet marketing has slowly taken over the conventional media (radio, tv, newspapers). Now we are witnesses of another tendency – the mobile advertising is getting more and more popular because, as we know, the number of smartphones connected to the Internet is raising every day.

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Mobile App Creation

Mobile app is a small program that a person installs on their smart phone. There is a huge marketplace and an even bigger consumer based out there. These programs satisfy a certain need, let it be navigation, entertainment, business you name it there’s something out there already.

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Mobile Website Creation

You might be aware of it, or you might not be, but you are losing customers and sales day by day. Yes you have a website and it is doing well but there is a new trend emerging and it is gaining more and more momentum. This new trend is called mobile web and mobile searches. Smartphone sales are skyrocketing thus fueling this newly created media.

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